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I have a question. The Bene Gesserit believed that the Honoured Matres were returning from the scattering not to conquer another piece of the cosmos, but that they were actually fleeing something else. Teg himself postulated this with Darwi, and the Bene Gesserit sent missions to try to discover if this was the case and, if so, whether the thing they fled could be an ally or an even greater foe.

What do you think this thing was? Some other force from the Scattering such as a rogue arm of the Bene Gesserit themselves, or something born of the Tleilaxu, the Mentats, the Ixians or even remnants of the Fish Speakers? The fabled "Other Intelligence" that Humankind in all the thousands of years of space travel had not encountered? What power could have the mighty legions of the Honoured Matres fleeing back to the core of the Empire? And what were the "Handlers"? What part did they play in this?
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