Abyss (aghashnazg) wrote in the_golden_path,

On the idea of the cause of the Butlerian Jihad, do you think that the way our world is heading today that we will face a similar war against our own creations? We are constantly building better and better machines that can think and follow certain set patterns. Could it be possible that someday we will create A.I.? A computer mind that can think and act just like a human. Think about the robots from the movie i, Robot. They were carefully designed not to break certain rules. But look at what happened. I personally don't believe that this will happen ever as a have Christian beliefs that God is watching out for us and making sure we dont f*** up like what the old Imperium faced with the "Thinking machines." Do you think this is a probable future? Why or why not? Would you want to play with fire like that? Maybe if we're extra careful to not make them indepentdant. They COULD make our lives easier. Then again, computers have been replacing humans for many jobs for a long time now. I personally wouldn't want to be laid off because a robot can work more efficiently than me. But is that good? I have differing ideas on this. What are some of your thoughts about our future? Could we have a "Butlerian Jihad" in our future? I sure hope not... -Leto II
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