Abyss (aghashnazg) wrote in the_golden_path,

Ok, so this thing hasn't been updated in some time. I was told that I have a good way of thinking of stuff to talk about. Oh, HI!!!! *waves* I am new to the community. My name is Joe but I go by the name Leto II. Frogive the basphemy lol but if i could choose to live the life of any Dune charecter, it would be Leto Atreides II. Maybe because i am power thirsty. Anyways. I just watched COD again and notived some things wrong with it. I wished Muad'Dib had really gruesome sockets like the book describes. The black contact lenses just didnt do it for me. Not to mention they showed him crying without eyes. Something is really wrong with that. lol
Ok, as for something to think about. I want to know all the reasons possible for Muad'Dib's innability to make the sacrifice. I know love was one of the reason. Why did he fear immortality so? It seems like an unfatherly thing to do to leave it to his son. I don't think it was because of Paul's prescience becasue Leto II had it also. Why couldn't Muad'Dib have made himself what his son became? If he wanted, he could have become a tyrant and brought Chani back and made her immortal like himself. He could have made his entire staff immortal. What was going on inside him that turned him away from the sacrifice? Why did he fail? Leave some footprints. THX!
-Leto II
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