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Finally a Dune community that is actually up & running!

Frank Herbert's talent for the writing of sciece fiction is so powerful that while I was reading it I could say that it has changed my outlook on the way we live. It was simply not a book, it was a inspirational revolution for it's readers. His vision of the future is unherd of & unique. None of this Star wars & androids dominating the planet, but a true, visual concept of the future beyond earth.

My favorite character has been Alia, eversince she was mentioned in the womb of her mother, she has captivated me & made me experience waves of sympathy todards this "abomination". Does anyone have a icon of Danielle Amavia as Alia?

The mini series of Children of Dune was a bit desapointing. Their eyes where not completeley blue! This should go to court!
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