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An introduction

Hiya! My name's Dirk, and I've been a fan of the Dune Series since I was a little kid. My dad (who has unfortunately gone back to Shai-Hulud) got me into the series at a very young age by taking me to see the original movie when I was 3. Ever since then I've been a major fan. At the moment, I'm working my way through the series for the second time (I'm reading Children of Dune right now), and I have to say, that the Atreides are quite possibly the unluckiest family line ever.

I mean, come.....Leto I was killed by the tooth that the good Dr. Yueh stuck in his mouth. Paul was killed first by his legend, then later an angry member of the Jacurutu(sp?). Leto II got soaked (I actually cried as I read his fate, as Leto II is my favorite character of the series). Ghanima was probably the only member of that family not to die in some horribly cliched way.

All in all, I love the series, and I'm glad I sniffed around on LJ and found you guys.


Dirk "I am the Whirlwind." Ykema
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