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you guys are lucky

It's a very good thing you last two folks joined and posted, i was just about to shut this thing down! i thought no one read it, was interested, but thank you for re-kindling the fire!.

I myself just Received the two dune DVD's i purchased in the mail(Dune, and CoD), the mini-series adaptation on the sci-fi channel. I watched the whole thing (all 6 episodes at an hour and a half each!) And i have to say, they were pretty spectacular. They were obviously designed for people who had already read the books though, which isnt fair to people who wish to watch the mini-series and be introduced to the story. They kept throwing around phrases like Para-Bindu balance, and CHOAM, sans explanation. If you have not read the books, you will have no clue what their talking about. However I thought they did the Guild Navigators quite exceptionally, as well as the character of Edric.

A few obvious changes were made, such as the age of the royal twins. However, this probably was necessary for the reasons that A) im sure it would be between difficult and impossible to find 9 year old actors who could speak and act like adults, and B) it would be incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the story.

Most of the characters were portrayed pretty well , in my opinion.

even after 9 hours of Dune and CoD, i couldnt help but want more! especially since they were up to my favorite part of the story, i was so excited when they showed Leto being covered in the sandtrout skin. (God Emperor has always been my favorite book).

What do you guys think the chances are of them making a God Emperor mini-series? and how amazing would THAT be.

Please feel free to comment on that, as well as your feelings on the mini-series presented by the Sci-Fi Channel.
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